Rough Day for Local Firefighters

1219419138Firefighters, you’re making it really hard for us average citizens to support you.

Not that we don’t appreciate the danger of your chosen profession, but lots of jobs are risky. Alaskan crab fisherman, coal miner, pilot—they’re all dangerous careers. But we didn’t see three damning stories about them in the newspaper today.

That’s more than we can say for you.

In today’s Globe, we learn that Albert Arroyo won’t get his job (or his plumb disability pension) back. Then we read that Boston Police are investigating whether someone tampered with a locker of a Boston firefighter accused of raping a Brockton woman. But wait, there’s more! A Newton firefighter was arrested in Boston for allegedly buying heroin.

So in one day, we’ve got a drug bust, momentarily thwarted disability abuse, and a possible interference with a criminal investigation. That’s what the experts call a public relations nightmare.

The Firebrand