Getting the Facts on Track

1220882815For some reason, the Track Girls don’t seem to like Boston magazine very much. And much like the kids on the Upper East Side, we’re willing to accept the occasional jab and mean-spirited remark from our local gossip girls.

But after reading Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa’s allegation in today’s Inside Track, we want to set the record straight.

Boston magazine’s exhaustive take on Tom Brady’s BFF Will McDonough once again proves how little the magazine actually knows about Boston. Writer Luke O’Brien goes on ad nauseum about the mystery of McDonough’s meteoric rise, entirely missing young Will’s most obvious advantage: Most of the people he encountered in his early career assumed Will was the son and namesake of the late Boring Broadsheet sportswriter-slash-influence peddler Will McDonough. Of course, as all loyal Track readers know, there is no relation.

Ladies, loyal Boston magazine readers know it too. Because the piece says there is no relation between the two men.

Here you go. Page 178 of the September issue. Second page of the online article.

[McDonough] is, in fact, a baby-faced 28-year-old from Westwood, soft around the edges, with a wisp of a Boston accent and an affinity for fine clothes and fancy cocktails. A fellow who in certain circles might be considered a dandy. (And who is no relation to the late Globe sportswriter who once punched out a surly Patriots cornerback in the locker room.)

It might be time to pay less attention to Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe’s personal life and devote more effort to brushing up on the power players that still live here. Maybe then you wouldn’t have labeled Pulitzer-Prize winning Harvard professor, and former Barack Obama advisor, Samantha Power, “an unidentified political groupie.”

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Photo by Christopher Churchill for Boston magazine