In Praise of Pork

1221163503Everybody has an opinion about Barack Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment. Some, like former acting governor Jane Swift, found the remark insulting to Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. Others say it’s much ado about nothing.

But we’re overlooking the group that’s been most maligned by this scandal—pigs. It’s shameful that we have forgotten about all the wonderful things that pigs (with and without lipstick; metaphorical and literal) have done for us.

Pulled Pork
While some barbecue fans go for chicken or brisket, we love us a heap of tangy meat piled on a bun. Redbones and Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q are our favorite places to celebrate the flesh of the swine.

Government Pork
As John Kerry told a group of old people at the Cedar Crest Restaurant in Lawrence a few months back, earmarks aren’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, one state’s pork is another state’s new bridge. Take exterminating tree-killing beetles in Worcester, for example. As governor of Alaska, even Sarah Palin has requested a little bit of the other white meat on occasion. And do we even dare mention the Big Pig Dig?

Mia Hamm
At first, we had a hard time getting over the departure of former Sox savior Nomar Garciaparra, but when he made this super-cheesy Gatorade commercial in tribute to his wife, soccer star Mia Hamm (who, despite the extra “m,” is clearly named after the deli meat), it became a whole lot easier to let go. Thanks, beautiful.

Children’s movies and books
There’s Babe. Charlotte’s Web still makes us tear up. Winnie the Pooh’s best friend is the worrisome Piglet. And then there’s Olivia, who probably wouldn’t mind being called a pig in lipstick. Which is a refreshing departure from this week’s news cycle.