More Irrational Behavior from MBTA Employees

1219691444Judging by your online team’s commute today, the MBTA’s union employees are already doing their best to gum up the works to express their outrage at not receiving back pay. Flannery had a 30-minute wait for his bus, and the passengers on Derjue’s Green Line train fell to the floor after the driver stopped short just before Park Street. And no, he didn’t apologize.

So we were ready to dub the T’s union employees the bane of our existence today. But then we read that the non-union employees are suing the agency to get the same nine percent raise as their union brethren.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Did they not hear that the MBTA is scrambling to find the money to cover the back pay due to the union employees? Dan Grabauskas is not Henry Paulson. He can’t just print up more money to bail himself out of this mess. (Though we’re sure he’s wished he could.)

We get that it sucks to not get a raise for three years. But you’ve still got sweeter benefits than 90 percent of the population. In these extraordinary times, count your three percent raise as a blessing and just do your job.