Cadillac Deval Is Still a Spendthrift

Massachusetts residents, it is time to grab the pitchforks and torches and storm Beacon Hill! As we, the Joe Six-Packs of the Bay State, continue to chug Maalox whenever we open the business section of the newspaper, Gov. Deval Patrick is spending thousands to appear at political events across the country.

How dare he waste taxpayer dollars during this time of crisis. . . Oh, wait a second. The expenses are being paid by Patrick, not by taxpayers.

Emphasis added.

Gov. Deval Patrick may be tightening the state’s belt, but fiscal restraint has yet to hit his campaign account, where pricey hotel rooms and meals remain routine business, a Herald review found.

This isn’t exactly like the AIG executives who spent $440,000 of company money on a spa trip a week after the government took over the company, or even the drape and Cadillac controversies that plagued the early days of the Patrick administration. It’s like chiding your friend who continues to charge designer handbags—it’s not your money, so it’s really not your problem.

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