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F.B.I. Arrests Crime Boss Bulger and GF Greig in Santa Monica. With OBL also accounted for, we’re back to the good ol’ days of pondering the whereabouts of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. [LATimes.com]

Mass. Family’s Lawsuit Questions Logan Security on 9/11. Newly released court documents says lax airport security at Logan International Airport is to blame for the death of Mark Bavis, who died when his flight from Logan was hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center’s south tower. [Wall Street Journal]

Chara Comes Clean on $150K Bar Tab, Calls It ‘Exaggerated.’ “All I have to say is we are very disappointed that something like this is coming out that is not true,” Chara says. So, then, what’s this all about? [ESPN.com]

Winklevoss Twins Getting Schooled in Their Own Game. Entrepreneur Wayne Chang plays a card straight from the Winklevi hand as he emerges to get his piece of the $65-million pie. [Bizjournals.com]

Toronto Newspaper Calls Combat Zone Boston’s New Hip ‘Hood. Our neighbors 550 miles to the northwest say the Combat Zones’s turnaround as an aspect of its appeal in dining, arts, and culture. [The Globe and Mail]