NBA Lockout: Time to Talk About Kenny Anderson

The NBA lockout began at the stroke of 12:01 a.m. last night, which means one thing: we’ve got to reminisce about that time during the league’s last lockout in 1998 when former Celtics guard Kenny Anderson talked to a New York Times writer about how he might have to sell one of his eight cars to get by. The Times wrote:

”I was thinking about selling one of my cars,” [Anderson] said recently, laughing. ”I don’t need all of them. You know, just get rid of the Mercedes.”

After all, he can always fall back on the Porsche Carrera, the customized Range Rover or the Lexus sedan. When you have eight vehicles registered in your name or your wife’s, there are choices.

Anderson also explained to fans that, as a millionaire, he was obliged to spend profligate amounts of money.

”A lot of people can’t understand why the owners and players are fighting over money and how it might hurt the season,” said Anderson, referring to the league’s growing labor chasm. ”I’d be upset too if I was a fan, paying our salaries. But it’s like they say: the more you make, the more you spend. And right now, without my check, I have to start getting tight.”

And then, just for good measure, the former Celtics point guard complained about his children and what the money-sucking burdens they were:

”They can burn a hole in your pocket real quick,” he said. ”I’m not saying it in a funny way, but you’ve got your schooling, day care, nanny. It just goes on and on.”

Kids! Naturally, Anderson became the poster-boy for overpaid, out-of-touch athletes. That was probably unfair, considering that he said many times in that story that he didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for him and that he basically understood that he made a ridiculous amount of money. He also, apparently, was a charitable guy.

Still, not the brightest to bring up the car thing. It’s by far what fans remember him the most for (though some of us have fond memories of that 2001-2002 run to the Eastern Conference finals). Apparently players remember him, too, and just maybe, have learned a lesson from him. Here’s a video of Rajon Rondo from last training camp talking about a possible lockout. Rondo’s delivery is classic deadpan, but I’m pretty sure that’s a Kenny Anderson joke he’s making at the 35 second mark.

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