Hooray! Major League Lacrosse!

Things are going so well for Boston sports right now that we’re winning championships we didn’t even know existed.

Yesterday, while we were all hunkered down for a hurricane tropical storm, it turns out our Major League Lacrosse entry, the Boston Cannons, were in Annapolis, Maryland winning their league title. The Cannons sprinted out to an early lead and held on to beat the Hamilton Nationals, 10-9. Who knew, right? Thankfully the good people of Hamilton handled it all better than some folks in another Canadian city that comes to mind.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What better way to celebrate than by watching a poorly cut highlight video set to The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland”? I know! I was thinking the same thing. Well, here you go. Major League Lacrosse read our minds. (I recommend the Cannons goal at the 2:30 mark — pretty cool. But beware, shortly thereafter, the announcer makes a “beans” pun, because you know, the Cannons are from Boston.)


***Correction note: Originally this post incorrectly said the championship game was played in Canada. It was not — Annapolis, Maryland is the correct location.