Daily Feed: A Casino Near Gillette Stadium?

A Casino Near Gillette Stadium? Robert Kraft is in negotiations with Las Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn over a $1 billion casino near Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Urban spectacle, we think not. [Globe]

Gordon College President on American Airlines, Morality, and the 1 Percent. Gordon College president D. Michael Lindsay op-eds in the NYT on the bankruptcy filing of American Airlines: “Mr. Arpey may be the only airline CEO who regarded bankruptcy not simply as a financial tool, but more important, as a moral failing. In a day and age of outrageous executive compensation and protest movements justifiably angered at the self-serving nature of the 1 percent, it is refreshing to see a CEO leave a position with honor even as he loses a long-fought battle.” [New York Times]

Occupy Boston Gets Everything But The Kitchen Sink. Police were not amused by the movement’s attempt to add domesticity to their lives with, yes, a sink. They were also unamused by the winter tent the protesters brought in, but as we all know: it’s a lot easier to sneak in a tent than a clunky kitchen appliance. [WCVB]

John Huntsman Gets in More Than One East Coast News Outlet. After a concerted two-month effort at self-promotion in New Hampshire, the Utah governor seems to be finally getting himself in New England’s public awareness. The next hurdle: getting in more than the Mittster, the other Mormon candidate going tastefully gray at the temples. [WBUR and Globe and Herald]

Unidentified Flying Object Drops Metal Scrap From the Sky in Plymouth. Conspiracy theorists, have at it: Space junk! Aliens! Barack Obama! [Examiner.com]