Top Ten #What10kBuys Tweets

Our former governor’s numb-skulled bet at the GOP debate on Saturday night has moved thousands to tweet their thoughts with the hashtag #what10kbuys. Our thanks to Mitt Romney for providing the latest fodder — here are some of our faves:

@TexasHumor: I’ll tell ya #What10kBuys in Texas. Enough sense to not bet 10k on national TV when you’re tryin’ to look like a man of the people. #romney

@fnmys: #what10kbuys 25 haircuts for John Edwards

@bensayre: So… Mitt’s #what10kbuys mega-gaffe has been talked to death, and I still haven’t heard anyone explain whether he would have won that bet.

@utaustinliberal: #What10kbuys A whole lotta sad faces on @Morning_Joe after their demi-god @MittRomney got creamed. @JoeNBC @MikeBarnicle @jmeacham

@TPCarney: 10k three times could almost get me into an Obama fundraiser RT @TheDemocrats: We want to know #what10Kbuys for you and your family.

@nwtripfinder: Six great-condition, low-mileage 1987 Volvo 240 DLs 😉 #What10kbuys

@_Snape_: #What10kbuys Definitely not a Hogwarts Letter.

@beckymerola: 10k could pay for almost 2 years of my rent, but it can’t buy common sense apparently #what10kbuys

@prismsinc: If I had $10K right now I’d put it on Rick Santorum to win Iowa #TeamSantorum #what10kbuys

@cleverjoke: #what10kbuys: 30 shares of Apple. Or like 50,000 actual apples.