Daily Feed: Jesus Talks Tom Brady, Bill Belichick on SNL

Jesus Talks Tom Brady, Bill Belichick. “… This doesn’t leave this room, but if I’m the Son of God, Tom Brady’s got to be the guy’s nephew. The guy’s a miracle worker,” said Jason Sudeikis as Jesus on SNL over the weekend. Watch the full skit on Hulu. Spoiler alert: His words for Bill Belichick? Not so nice. [Hulu]

Patriots Beat Broncos, Wrap Up AFC East. With the AFC East all wrapped up and tied together with a nice little bow on top, the Patriots are well-positioned to be the No. 1 seed for the playoffs. [ESPN]

Feel-Good Story of the Day: Anonymous Donors Pay Kmart Layaway Bills. The secret Santa phenomenon that originated in the Midwest has rubbed off on some New Englanders: Kmart officials report a few instances of the random acts of kindness at their branches in Milford and Braintree. “I’ve talk[ed] to individuals who have been with Kmart for many, many years, and they have said they have never seen an outpouring like one they have seen this year,” Braintree store manager Michelle Mohney says. [Fox]

Deval Patrick Spoils Surprise Weekend Paris Trip for Mrs. Deval Patrick. That’s one way of saying that it’s a pretty slow news week for Massachusetts lawmakers. [WGBH]

On Bonnie Hammer, The Queen of Cable TV. Hammer, who started her career as a producer for WGBH, is heralded as a savoir of the cable TV industry, and the NYT lavishes her with the following praise: “If cable is king, Ms. Hammer, chairwoman of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, is cable’s queen” … she’s possibly the industry’s “most important executive.” [NYT]