Daily Feed: Four Years Later, Globe Still Doesn't Want Mitt Romney

Four Years Later, Globe Still Doesn’t Want Mitt Romney. As convincingly as is possible for a liberal newspaper, the Boston Globe has once again not thrown its support behind the guy who used to govern its state, going this time for the other moderately conservative Mormon campaigner, Jon Huntsman. Don’t take it personally, Mitt — you’ve got a great personality, and they like you and all, just not that way. [Boston Globe]

Which is Just Fine, Says the Romney Campaign — Mitt Didn’t Want Globe‘s Support Anyway.

CNN: Let’s begin with this endorsement — what do you think the impact will be here in New Hampshire?

Eric Fehrnstrom, Senior Campaign Adviser: Well Soledad, Boston is a two newspaper town and the Globe has a very liberal editorial page. The other newspaper is the Boston Herald. They have a more conservative editorial page. We were pleased to get the endorsement of the Boston Herald. And also yesterday, there were two newspapers in New Hampshire that announced endorsements for Mitt Romney. One was the Nashua Telegraph, we were pleased to get that. The other was the Eagle Tribune. I think there is a growing sense that Mitt Romney is one, the best person to lead in the White House on jobs and the economy, and two, the best-equipped candidate to take on Barack Obama in November.

CNN: So that sounds like a really long way of saying, you don’t care at all! [CNN]

Also, Speaking of Newspapers and Politicians, Herald Unimpressed With Joe Kennedy III. This may be because, as they argue, Massachusetts is no longer feeling the Kennedy magic — but it’s not totally out of the question that it might also have something to do with the legacy’s Lebowski-style interview dodge: “‘Dude,’ he told a Herald reporter. ‘I’m at work. I can’t answer these questions right now.'” [Herald]

Face, Hand Transplants So 2011. What’s Hot Now? Trachea Transplants. And wouldn’t you know it: Massachusetts is leading the pack on those, too! [WBUR]

Not Only Does Boston Have a Wingman-For-Hire Industry, But It’s Doing Remarkably Well. Our city is now supporting not one but at least two different companies whose sole purpose in life is to fill the gap left by an inadequately smooth buddy who just can’t seem to help you seal the deal. We’re not entirely sure what this means, but it can’t possibly be any worse than New York’s wealth of companies out to help people flirt without having to open their mouths. [WSJ]