Daily Feed: From Massachusetts Liberal to Massachusetts Moderate

From Massachusetts Liberal to Massachusetts Moderate. When will simply being identified with Massachusetts in any way be enough to draw ire from the rest of the country? [MassLive.com]

Brimfield Could Go Las Vegas as MGM Enters Casino Bid. Brimfield businessman David Callahan has an 11 a.m. presser scheduled, and some sources are prematurely confirming that an MGM casino will be his choice for the state’s western region. [The Day]

Whitey Bulger’s Prosecutor Asks for Speedy Trial. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Kelly urged the judge to push forward the trail against Bulger, saying that he’s trying to “manipulate the system” so that he never stands trial for his role in 19 murders. Whitey Bulger? Manipulate the system? Noooo … [Washington Post]

UMass Committee: Jack Wilson’s Salary Not Too High, Everyone Else Underpaid. Former president Wilson will receive $425,000 while on sabbatical this year and has a higher salary limit on his final contract than was previously negotiated — but didn’t pass through the Board of Trustees. “In my view, all these arrangements are perfectly within the scope of what is standard and typical within the higher education world,’’ said board chairman, John DiBiaggio, former president of Tufts University. [Boston.com]

Massachusetts + New York = Ready Take on California VC Dollars? The growth figures maybe, possibly are there, but we’re still talking $5.8 million vs. $1.5 billion. [Biz Journals]