Fenway Park's Makeover, Before and After

Fenway Park’s Makeover, Before and After. All of the tributes to Fenway Park are rolling in: USA Today, Nat Geo, us, and now, The Boston Business Journal does a before-and-after slideshow with some pretty cool black-and-white photos.  [Biz Journals]

Deval Patrick: ‘I Can’t See How You Do That.’ The governor spoke on the MBTA’s hikes and cuts solution during his monthly appearance on WTKK-FM. Patrick said he can’t think of a scenario for solving the T’s financial woes without new revenues from a gas tax increase or another fix, echoing what pretty much all of the MBTA higher-ups have said all along.  [Boston.com]

It’s Official: Etch A Sketches Are The Baddest Weapons in American Politics. No longer relegated to ages 3 and up, this classic toy now packs a meaner punch than mere childhood whimsy, thanks to politics: Elizabeth Warren is now using the Eric Fehrnstrom/Mitt Romney gaffe of last week as an attempt to lob one Scott Brown’s way. Emphasis on attempt.  [Herald]

Are Massachusetts Residents Really Glued to Supreme Court Health Care Hearings? The Court isn’t expected to reach a decision on Obama’s health care overhaul until later this summer, but WBUR asserts that Massachusetts residents are already keeping tabs on the hearings — like resident Andrew Dreyfus, who also happens to be the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts.  [WBUR]

Bill Belichick Needs To Go Big Because The Window Is Closing. “Belichick will turn 60 years old 10 days before this year’s draft. Brady will turn 35 during training camp,” writes Michael Hurley. “Their time atop the NFL is running out. It may go against every fiber of Belichick’s being to load up on first- and second-round level talent while passing on value picks in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds, it’s time — at last — to change the strategy.  [CBS]