Mitt Romney's Got 99 Problems

Image Credit: YouTube/ABC News

Mitt Romney’s had a problem ever since the secret video of him speaking about 47 percent of the country that pays no federal income tax leaked out this week. It’ll take a few days for polls to show just how much of a problem he’s got, but until then, pundits will keep arguing about the impact of what’s becoming known as Romney’s “47 percent problem.”

With this latest one, we couldn’t help but notice that “[Politician]’s [Something] Problem” is a fairly easy headline for political writers to reach to, and there’s something about Romney that makes them even more prone to it. (We’re even guilty of it, occasionally.) Just how often do we declare that Mitt Romney has a “problem”? In the spirit of Jay-Z, we assembled at least 99 instances. Will the “47 percent problem” be the one that finally decides the campaign? We don’t know, but we do imagine it’ll have more impact than, say, his “baked goods problem.”

But then again, he’s sure overcome a lot to get here. Just how much? Well, read on, and then maybe we can all agree to retire this particular headline construction for a little while: 

  1. “Mitt Romney’s 47 percent Problem” – The New Yorker
  2. “Romney’s Real 47 Percent Problem” – The Grio
  3. “Romney’s 15 Percent Problem” – The Atlantic
  4. “Romney’s Right Problem” – The Washington Post
  5. “Romney’s Rush Problem” – Yahoo News
  6. “Romney’s Ryan Problem” – Huffington Post
  7. “Romney’s Ron Paul Problem” – Political Wire
  8. “Romney’s Rick Perry Problem” – CBS
  9. “Denial About Mitt Romney’s Bush Problem” – Slate
  10. “Mitt Romney’s Trump Problem” – The Daily Beast
  11. “Romney’s Palin Problem” – The Daily Beast
  12. “Romney’s Scott Problem” – The Hill
  13. “Romney’s Santorum Problem” – The Economist
  14. Mitt Romney’s Google Problem” – Mashable
  15. “Mitt Romney’s Health Care Problem” – RedState
  16. “Mitt Romney’s Health Care Non-Problem’ –The American Prospect
  17. “Mitt Romney’s Obamacare Problem” – The American Spectator
  18. “Mitt Romney’s Romneycare Problem ” – Investors Business Daily
  19. “Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Problem” – Politico
  20. “Mitt Romney’s Ohio Problem” – ABC
  21. “Romney’s New Hampshire Problem” – Washington Examiner
  22. “Mitt Romney’s South Carolina Problem” – Politico
  23. “Mitt Romney’s Michigan Problem” – Newsweek
  24. “Romney’s California Problem” – The New Republic
  25. “Mitt Romney’s Southern Problem” –  National Journal
  26. “Mitt Romney’s Big White Problem” – News One
  27. “Mitt Romney’s African-American Problem” – BET
  28. “Mitt Romney’s Latino Problem” – The Washington Post
  29. “Mitt Romney’s Hispanic Problem” – National Journal
  30. “Mitt Romney’s Immigration Problem” – The Washington Post
  31. “Romney’s Osama bin Laden Problem” – The Hill
  32. “Mitt Romney’s Afghanistan Problem” – The Atlantic
  33. “Romney’s China Problem” – Politico
  34. “Mitt Romney’s Russia Problem” – Forbes
  35. “Romney’s Syria Problem” – National Review
  36. “Mitt Romney’s No-Policy problem” – Politico
  37. “Mitt Romney’s Tax Problem” – CBS Chicago
  38. “Mitt Romney’s Tax Return Problem” – The Washington Post
  39. “Mitt Romney’s ‘Exotic Tax’ problem” – The Washington Post
  40. “Mitt Romney’s Koch Problem” – The Huffington Post
  41. “Romney Has a Tax and Koch Problem” – New York
  42. “Romney’s Reverse Robin Hood Problem” – Talking Points Memo
  43. “Mitt Romney’s entitlement problem” – The Washington Post
  44. “Mitt Romney’s money problem” – The Washington Post
  45. “Mitt Romney’s Harvard problem” – Harvard Political Review
  46. “Romney’s ‘Success’ Problem” – Los Angeles Times
  47. “Romney’s Harry Reid Problem” – The Washington Post
  48. “Mitt Romney’s Bain Problem”  – The Washington Post
  49. “Mitt Romney’s ‘Bane’ Problem and Ours” – Yahoo
  50. “Mitt Romney’s unsolvable Bain Problem” – The Washington Post
  51. “Mitt Romney’s ‘rich guy’ problem” – The Washington Post
  52. “Mitt Romney’s class problem” – New York Post
  53. “Romney’s Jamie Dimon Problem” – Salon
  54. “Romney’s Wealth Problem” – The American Prospect
  55. “Mitt Romney’s People Problem” – The Washington Post
  56. “Mitt Romney has a personal problem” – The Washington Post
  57. “Mitt Romney’s Empathy Problem” – The New Yorker
  58. “Mitt Romney’s Likeability Problem” – Alaska Dispatch
  59. “Romney’s relatability problem …” – Los Angeles Times
  60. “Romney’s Commander-in-Chief Problem” – Political Wire
  61. “Romney’s Gaffe Problem” – The National Interest
  62. “Mitt Romney’s Reading Comprehension Problem” – Mother Jones
  63. “Mitt Romney’s ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ Problem” – Chicago Sun Times
  64. “Mitt Romney’s rock and hard place problem” – The Washington Post
  65. “Romney’s Cadillac Problem” – Fox News
  66. “Romney’s Rafalca Problem” – Mother Jones
  67. “Romney’s Pesky Pooch Problem” – Bloomberg Businessweek
  68. “Mitt Romney’s Seamus problem” – Chicago Reader
  69. “Polling on Romney’s ‘dog problem'” – Public Policy Polling
  70. “Mitt Romney’s dog/God problem” – The Washington Post
  71. “Romney’s Mormon Problem” – Los Angeles Times
  72. “Romney’s Religion Problem” – National Review
  73. “Mitt Romney’s Christian Problem” – Think Progress
  74. “Romney’s Kosher Problem” – The New Yorker
  75. “Mitt Romney’s Evangelical Problem” – The New Yorker
  76. “Mitt Romney’s ‘Entitled Mormon Male Problem’ …” – Huffington Post
  77. “Romney’s Woman Problem” – Time
  78. “Romney’s Fake Woman Problem” – The Economist
  79. “Romney’s Abortion Problem?” The American Prospect
  80. “Romney’s Weasel Problem” – The New York Times
  81. “Mitt Romney’s Big Drug Problem” –
  82. “Romney’s Authenticity Problem” – National Journal
  83. “Mitt Romney’s Character Problem” – The American Prospect
  84. “Mitt Romney’s Culture Problem” – The Atlantic
  85. “Does Mitt Romney Have a Staff Problem?” – The Washington Post
  86. “Mitt Romney’s Entourage Problem” – The Washington Post
  87. “Romney’s Undecided Voter Problem” – The Daily Beast
  88. “Mitt Romney’s Primary Problem” – The Hill
  89. “Romney’s Real Primary Problem” – The New Yorker
  90. “Mitt Romney’s Conservative Problem” – New York Daily News
  91. “Romney’s Biggest Problem …” – The New Yorker
  92. “Romney’s jobs problem” – CNN
  93. “Romney’s Root Problem” – Talking Points Memo
  94. “Mitt Romney’s Insurmountable Problem” – The Huffington Post
  95. “Romney’s Image Problem” – The Wall Street Journal
  96. “Mitt Romney’s Contrast Problem” – The Wall Street Journal
  97. “Mitt Romney’s Fake Twitter Follower Problem” – Slate
  98. “Mitt Romney’s Baked Goods Problem” – Slate
  99. “Romney’s Press Problem” – MSNBC

You probably noticed some publications offending more often than others, and in particular the Washington Post, so we have to shout out to their blogger Chris Cillizza for personally contributing seven of Romney’s problems in his headlines. Quite the feat.