Five iPhones Later, Boston Will Still Wait in Line for Hours

The first debate: Oh, hey, maybe you heard there was a debate last night between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. We’ve got five things you need to know about the face-off in order to survive the water cooler today.

Siri, wait in this line for me! The iPhone 5 has hit stores and Boston residents are not immune to the weird compulsion people feel to wait in line for hours to get something you could instead have shipped to your door. Yes, five iPhones later, we still get quotes from this guy, who tells Bostinno’s Steve Annear: “It was worth the wait. You meet people, you have fun. It was just a great experience.” Meanwhile, Annear notes, “Rob Gonzalez walked down to the AT&T store just a block away from the front entrance of the Apple store on Boylston Street and snagged his new iPhone 5 in just minutes.” Stealthy work, Rob. [BostInno]

Jesus’s wedding announcement is on hold Professor Karen L. King’s discovery of a fragment that suggests Jesus may have had a wife may have hit the headlines, but the Harvard Theological Review would like to see a little more evidence that it’s authentic before they decide to print the finding in their next journal. [Herald]

The Harvard Club settles The Harvard Club of Boston agreed to a $4 million settlement with its wait staff, who sued in November alleging that the 17 percent gratuity the club tacks on every bill ought to have gone to the servers. [Associated Press]