Lottery Winner Makes Sure We Know He's Winning His Breakup

A very lucky, and very eligible 22-year-old named Sandeep Singh from Hyannis won $30.5 million in the Mass Millions lottery last night, and in response to a reporter asking whether he had a “lucky girlfriend,” he noted (at 3:28 in the video), “No, no lucky girlfriend. Just broke up with her so [thumbs up.]” He added: “She broke up with me, but right now, I'm not really worried about it. Yeah. I was heartbroken at first, but now I'm getting over it.” Asked if he thinks she'll call him back he said, “Doesn't matter. I hope not.” Yes, he's basically the Taylor Swift of lottery winners.


Singh told reporters (while so overwhelmed, he sounded out of breath through the entire press conference) that he started out helping his family when his father died his freshman year of high school, and his only plans with the money are to pay off his mom's mortgage. So, yes, we're fairly certain he won't have trouble getting a date. In fact, at one point a reporter threw in the towel and just asked him, “Can we be in your family?”