Harvard Cheating Scandal Investigation Complete, Announcement Expected Any Day

Harvard Cheating Scandal Investigation Complete, Announcement Expected Any Day. Harvard has investigated and delivered verdicts to the approximately 125 undergraduates involved in the school's unprecedented cheating scandal and is expected to make a public announcement about the investigation at the beginning of the spring semester. “The cases were exceptionally complex and involved far more students than any other set of cases in recent memory, requiring great amounts of time and effort from the staff and faculty involved,” Jeff Neal, a spokesperson for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, wrote in a statement.  [The Crimson]

At Long Last, Officials to Unveil Three School-Assignment Proposals. “We certainly want to make sure whatever proposal is eventually decided on will give students a fair chance of going to a quality school,” Matthew Wilder, a school department spokesman, told the Globe. The proposals will be released today.  [Boston.com]

That Whole Harvard Professor Looking for Woman to Give Birth to Neanderthal Thing Isn't Entirely Accurate. The internet went crazy yesterday over the story that Harvard genetics researcher George Church claimed he could re-create the Neanderthal from stem cells if only he had an “extremely adventurous” woman to carry it to term. “When the time comes to deal with an epidemic or getting off the planet or whatever, it's conceivable that their way of thinking could be beneficial,” Church reportedly said to Der Spiegel, the respected German magazine that mistakenly published George H.W. Bush's obit last month. The problem, of course, is that it's not true. Blame the language barrier for what the Herald describes as “… arriving at the conclusion that he was actively looking for a woman to bear a cave baby with DNA scavenged from ancient Neanderthal bones.” Classic mix-up.  [Herald | Boston Business Journal]

Jury Selection Begins for Kennebunk Zumba Partner. The jury selection for the trial of Mark Strong Sr., facing 59 misdemeanor counts for his alleged role in the Zumba/prostitution scandal that rocked Kennebunk, Maine, is expected to last several days, according to the AP.  [AP]

John Stewart Explains How George Stephanopoulos Mixed Up Bill Russell With Morgan Freeman. As only John Stewart can. Watch:

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