Boston Segway Owner Takes His Fight to Facebook

His spat with the city finds its way to social media.

Yesterday, casual readers of the Boston Globe who don’t have experience with the North End Segway tour company Boston by Segway had to take the newspaper’s word that frontman Allan Danley was “combative,” as the reporter put it. (Not so for those who have followed his story over the years.) Today, Danley offers up his own proof with a long rant against the city posted to Facebook that has since made its way to to Boston’s Reddit page.

The Globe article documented the spat between the city and the Segway company and its latest installment, in which the city deemed it illegal for the company to continue operating in its current location. Without wading into it too deeply, the city wants to kick the company out of its current location, and the company maintains that its being unfairly targeted, plans to take legal action against the city, and refuses to pay a series of fines its racked up over time. In the Facebook thread posted to Reddit, all names but Danley’s are redacted. The thread began when a former employee of another Boston Segway company posted that he or she remembered Boston by Segway (then called Boston Gliders) racking up ill-will against Segways in general with bad behavior. This didn’t go over well with Danley, who left eight comments on the thread. Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say:

you are just out right wrong .. I can clearly see you have your head under water. The hearing are public, on the city website I would urge before you continue to state the wrong facts you go watch those hearings .. Like I stated if telling someone no! upsets them then they should not be on a board or a councilor . Government should never interfere with business. [sic on all of that].

For the full play-by-play, head over to Reddit. In short, “combative” seems to have been an accurate descriptor for a guy who is none too happy with Boston these days.