The Red Sox Lost Their Lead But Won the Twitter War

There was some social media smacktalk with the Rays after last night's loss.

The Red Sox lost their first place standing to the Tampa Bay Rays Monday night thanks to a sketchy call from the umpire, but as we all know, baseball is just a pretense for the real competition these days: the post-game Twitter trash talk. On that front, sweet victory was ours.

The Rays should have known to just keep their heads down given the ignominious way they reclaimed victory last night with the help of a terrible call. In the 8th inning, Daniel Nava slid home and had he not been (wrongly) called out, he would have tied the game at 2-2.

Alas, the score remained 2-1 and the Rays picked up a half game lead. As we say, take the gifts given you and keep your head down. But no.

A low bow that required a sharp response:

Bazing. Well that settles it. The Rays may be in first in the league, but we’re first in hiring snarky twenty-somethings to run our social media presences (and in migrating south for the winter) and everyone knows that’s what matters. Everyone. Ha! Ha… ha. *sob*