Tom Brady Makes a Creepy Face

He was caught on camera glancing at a passing woman and making a priceless expression.

So here’s the story (such as it is): At the preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. 9, Tom Brady made a creepy face of boyish delight after glancing at a nice looking woman who passed by him. He was caught on camera, and now everyone is having a little freak out.


It actually strikes us as a bit difficult to see what’s going on here, but hey, whoever that look is aimed at, it’s kinda skeezy, so let’s all just run with it.

Such is the power of the Fox from Foxboro (ugh, sorry) that, with a slight curl of the lips, he can create a national news event. Yes, a minor tic of the facial muscles is enough to generate miles of column inches, mountains of tweets, mobs of disgusted women. In reaction, some argue that Brady is married to known Sun Goddess Gisele Bündchen and thus ought not look at other women. Others, like this fella, take heart that though Tom Brady may live in a castle, procreate with a supermodel, and make millions, he is (in this small, sad way) just like other men.

Us, we’re just reminded that it might actually be utterly horrible to have cameras trained on you all the time, no matter how much they pay you. But whatever you make of it, you heard it here first: An American football player who is romantically involved with a supermodel is attracted to women. Try to remain calm in this breaking news situation. We’ll have more as the story develops.