Here Are Some GIFs Every City Resident Should See

The series 'NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette' has advice for non-New Yorkers, too.

Back in March, illustrator Nathan Pyle posted a popular series of GIFs to help people navigate city life. This week, he’s back with several more, pegged to the announcement that he’s publishing a book.

The series is called “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette,” and while some of it is specific to the New York (i.e. navigating the West Village or telling the difference between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building) much of it extends to any place where large groups of people are forced to live together and interact regularly.

“We (HarperCollins and I) have talked quite a bit about how well the series has ‘traveled’ from the very beginning,” Pyle notes in an email. Much of the positive feedback on Reddit and Facebook, he adds, has come from those with no connection to New York. “One way of succinctly explaining the appeal is – if we can make etiquette work in New York, then we can make it work in every city!” he writes.

Here are a few of Pyle’s GIFs, reproduced here with his permission, that we think every Boston resident could stand to revisit:



Brilliant! Also this:




Beautiful metaphor:



The book is only available for pre-order so you can’t see what kind of graphics make the cut just yet. (Probably not GIFs on the paperback copy, right? This isn’t The Daily Prophet.) But he posts new content on the official Facebook page everyday to tide you over until the book comes out next year.