Martin Richard’s Father Offered a Message on the 9/11 Anniversary

"They are never far," said the father of a Boston Marathon victim.

The State House’s 9/11 ceremony had an added depth in the wake of the Boston Marathon attack. Family, friends and victims of the April attack joined those who gathered to remember the events of September 11, 2001 at the State House.

There, Bill Richard, whose son  Martin died at the Boston finish line, delivered a reading (which you can watch, too):

We sit beneath the night sky by the whisper of the wind’s song and the quiet of darkness, and they are never far. Those we have loved and cherished, those who have changed our lives in some small or profound way, are closer than we know because it is their light that shines on our world. It is the brilliance of their souls that makes our night sky glow.

Richard thanked the Massachusetts 9-11 Fund for welcoming Marathon victims to the day’s proceedings. His words certainly felt like a sentiment those feeling a loss could understand, regardless of the circumstances that took their loved one.