Whitey Bulger Still Irked at Everyone in Jailhouse Letters

His confrontations with the Davis family as his sentencing could be ... unfriendly.

Whitey Bulger will have to stare down some of the family members of his alleged victims at his sentencing hearing in November, and new letters he’s been writing from his jail cell suggest it won’t be a friendly affair.

The Boston Herald reports that a judge has given Bulger’s lawyers a deadline to decide whether they’ll oppose allowing the families of victims whom the jury didn’t find Bulger guilty of murdering to speak at his sentencing in November. One of those victims was Debra Davis. The website Radar Online claims to have a new letter from Bulger, never very shy in his jailhouse missives, where he lashes out at Debra’s brother Steve Davis, a mainstay at Bulger’s trial and a colorful character himself.

In the letter, Bulger rehashes his version of events, wherein his former righthand man Stephen Flemmi killed his girlfriend Davis because of their own issues. “I never killed a woman in my life!” Bulger writes in a familiar refrain.

The Boston Herald also reported on a letter obtained from Bulger in prison this week. (Neither outlet identifies a recipient.) In it, he rehashes another of his favorite refrains—anger at the government’s treatment of his girlfriend Catherine Greig. On that note, Bulger reserves particular enmity for the way Debra’s brother Steve Davis treated Greig at her sentencing. “If I had a sister like you, I would have killed myself just like your brother did!” Davis said to Greig, whose brother really did commit suicide. “If we were on the street,” Bulger writes, “he would have never raised his voice to her or in any way disrespected her or I would have dealt with him!”

All this is to say that if Whitey Bulger, who really has nothing to lose at this point, has to sit in a courtroom and listen to Steve Davis’s victim statement, things might not go so well? We all know how Bulger does with keeping quiet in courtrooms …