Police Seeking White Guy in Red Sox Hat with Beard

Don't see too many guys matching that description these days...


Natick Police Department


Natick police are seeking a “white male approximately 45 to 48 years old, with a thin light brown, gray beard and thin mustache, wearing a well worn navy blue and white brim Red Sox hat” who they say drove by two minors and offered them a ride in his old, green Ford Expedition.

We wish them luck but we did just have to note, to restate the above, that the  Natick police are seeking a middle-aged white guy wearing a Red Sox cap and a beard … Good luck with that. You just don’t see too many bearded Red Sox fans these days, no sir. Should be a real quick open-and-shut case.

From the Natick Police Facebook page’s description of the incident:

On Saturday September 28, 2013 @ 11:15AM a young male was walking home with a friend near 249 North Main Street Rt. 27 (near Dunkin Donuts) when the juveniles noticed an older model green Expedition traveling southbound beeping its horn so as to get their attention. The operator of the vehicle, hanging his head out the window, in a loud voice said “DO YOU WANT A RIDE”. As the two Juveniles separated the same green Expedition turned around to go northbound passing one of the young males as it continued on. There was no other contact with the witnesses.

Have police tried cross-referencing with the handy chart the Red Sox put out earlier in the season? Anyone seen Dempster, lately?
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