Here Are Our Favorite Boston Cop Photoshops

The iconic image of Steve Horgan at Fenway has been put to good use.

The image of Boston police officer Steve Horgan celebrating David Ortiz’s grand slam as Tigers rightfielder Torii Hunter flips over beside him is one of those images that instantly becomes legend. There was some talk of turning #Horganing into a thing, like #Tebowing and planking before it, wherein people photograph themselves sticking their hands up. And there’s been some of that. But by far the more amusing twist on the image has been the work of creative photoshoppers who insert Hands-up Horgan into fun situations. These efforts have been collected by the likes of Toucher and Rich and Universal Hub. Here are our absolute favorites that made their way onto Twitter yesterday:

For a while, there was a focus on Horgan standing next to things that had flipped over:


People even considered stuff that flips metaphorically, like real estate

Several people focused on occasions where one might typically put one’s hands up. (Speaking of which, we haven’t seen anyone put him into the Party in the U.S.A. music video. Get on it, people.)


We inserted him into Sunday’s other big moment

And speaking of Tom Brady… here he is with Horgan on a water slide:

Mashing him up with another short-lived Boston sports meme: #Orring

Or other bizarre internet phenomenons, like the What Does the Fox Say music video

We probably laughed hardest at those who put Horgan into iconic film scenes.