Q&A #2: The Open Attorney General Seat

“Glenn,” among others, is interested in the state Attorney General race, open in 2014 with Martha Coakley running for governor:

How do you see the rest of the AG race shaking out? Any chance at a non prosecutor running?

To take your second question first: no. Not with a serious chance to win, anyway.

As you know, Assistant Attorney General Maura Healey and state representative Harold Naughton have just announced their candidacies on the Democratic side. The big question is whether Warren Tolman will pull the trigger this time, after floating his name for every opening in sight over the past several years. I think the answer is yes he will, and I don’t see much room for others on the D ticket once those three are in. That should be a darn good race for the nomination, actually.

The GOP side could be interesting as well, if there is a sense that the seat could actually be won by a Republican. A “Draft Tim Cruz” Facebook page has popped up, but I’m a little skeptical that the Plymouth DA will run. I am similarly doubtful that Worcester sheriff Lew Evangelidis will—actually, I’m skeptical about each of the Republicans’ best candidates going for it, but there’s a good chance one of them will. I’m just not sure which one.


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