The St. Louis Cardinals Had Some Plane Problems Prior to Takeoff

The team couldn't get off the ground for close to six hours.

Some people took it as a good omen for the Red Sox when the St. Louis Cardinals’ team airplane, which was Boston-bound, wasn’t able to get off the ground.

The aircraft reportedly had some mechanical problems prior to take off in Missouri on Tuesday night as the team tried to make their way to the city for Game 6 of the World Series.

Sports Illustrated reports:

… players had been sitting aboard the plane for a couple of hours. There was no definite word on when the grounded Cardinals would take off.

The Cardinals eventually did leave the airport after switching planes and spending more than six hours longer in St. Louis than originally planned.

The ominous coincidence got fans speculating what a stalled plane headed to Logan Airport could mean for the Sox, sparking a Twitter hashtag called #CardsPlaneProblems, with people coming up with reasons why the aircraft may not have been able to take off from the tarmac.

A St. Louis fan decided to take it one step further, and provide people with an illustrated explanation for what may have kept the Cardinals from taking off:

Was it a sign? Probably not. And it definitely wasn’t a double rainbow over Fenway Park. But like an arch of colors after a storm, it did bring joy to Red Sox fans.

Despite the delay, Cardinals players tried to make the best of the situation, doing their media calls from the grounded plane, and Tweeting positive messages out to their own fans as they waited to head to Massachusetts.