Food Pantry Stuffed With Donations After Someone Stole 20 Turkeys

A church in New Bedford is thanking the community for helping out in a time of need.

Turkey Photo via

Turkey Photo via

Officials at a New Bedford church are putting a positive spin on the recent theft of hundreds of pounds worth of food, which was supposed to be donated to those in need during the holiday season.

Around Novemeber 15, more than 20 turkeys, and roughly 150 pounds of food, were reportedly taken from the food pantry at Saint Anthony of Padua Church, but after word got out that the congregation was at risk of not having enough to hand out to families, supporters stepped up and flooded the church with donations.

“All we can say is there was tremendous outpouring of sympathy for the poor, and that we are grateful for those who contributed,” said Father Edward A. Murphy, the pastor at Saint Anthony of Padua Church. “Whatever was taken was replaced, and we are pleased to say we have enough to give out to all those who need it for Thanksgiving.”

Murphy said the theft of the food highlights the importance of donating to hungry families who may have a hard time feeding their loved ones. He said it also shows that people are in need, which is why the food may have been stolen in the first place. The church feeds hundreds of people each week, extending their charitable contributions outside of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Murphy said he hopes the church can continue to help, and donations keep coming in, even after the holidays are over. “We have enough food for now, but we are continually feeding people all year,” he said. “

The pantry, located at 1359 Acushnet Ave., in New Bedford, will be handing out food for those who need it through Wednesday.