Someone in Sterling Mass. Won Powerball for $34 Million

Now it's a game of 'Guess Who?'

The town of Sterling, Massachusetts has a secret millionaire in its midst.

The Appletown Market in the central Massachusetts town sold one of two grand prize winning Powerball tickets Wednesday, The Boston Globe reports, and a market employee believes it was a woman. That means there’s an as-yet-unidentified lady walking among her townfolk with a ticket worth $34 million. This being a fairly exciting thing, word is starting to leak out in the form of an elaborate town-wide version of that old board game “Guess Who?”, at least based on the Globe report:

“Some people do know’’ who the winner is, [Appletown Market employee Andrea] Roche said. “The person that told me said that it is one of my customers and that I know who won and that it’s a girl. And that’s all he could give me.”

Oh good, it’s a girl! That narrows it down. Is she brunette? Is she wearing an ugly beret? Oh I know! Is it Maria?!

Massachusetts requires that Powerball winners disclose their identities, so all that’s left is to wonder is just how public this woman will go. She could be like our favorite local lottery winner of the last year, the kid who held a press conference to ensure we all knew that he was winning his recent breakup thanks a $30.5 million windfall.

Or she could stay under the radar, accept her winnings as quietly as possible, and attempt to live a stable life that doesn’t involve rejecting requests for money from third cousins she’s pretty sure aren’t real. Winning the lottery is actually pretty treacherous, after all.