Here’s Video of the Alleged Keytar Bear Assault

An anonymous source sent over footage of the Faneuil Hall attack.

Some people were skeptical after reports surfaced this week that Boston’s musical mascot, Keytar Bear, was assaulted while playing his instrument at Faneuil Hall. But an anonymous source reached out to Boston Thursday and sent over footage of the alleged attack to quell the naysayers.

In an undated video, you can see a person standing by Keytar Bear, in the middle of the busy Faneuil Hall marketplace, as he plays music for fans. At the very end of the eight-second clip, that same person, who appears to be wearing an oversized-shirt, pulls their arm back before punching the performer square in the face. The clip also includes a brief second of laughter before it cuts off.

In a report earlier this week, Keytar Bear detailed the events of the attack to Boston. He said that an unidentified person approached him late one night and asked to take a selfie with him while he was performing. It was then that the person allegedly punched Keytar Bear in the face and ran off. The performer said the attack led to a broken nose, and his decision to take some time off from playing his keytar in public. ““[I] gushed [through] the mouth of the bear suit and right in front of Faneuil Hall with cameras both facing the incident and the direction he ran off [to],” he said. “Let’s just say for the next couple of weeks or a month I won’t be around.”

He said it was the second attack in recent weeks. In a prior incident, someone allegedly threw a Snapple bottle at the musician, breaking his instrument. The news of the attacks prompted fans of the man in the bear suit to rally in support. Abigail Taylor, who works at Workbar in Cambridge’s Central Square, not far from where Keytar Bear frequently does on-the-street shows, organized a fundraiser for the musician. In less than a few days people pitched in more than $4,000 to help offset the costs of Keytar Bear’s medical bills. An event to show love for the bear will also be held at Workbar on May 8. 

Because he didn’t get a good look at the alleged assailants, Keytar Bear never filed a report with police on the day of the altercation. But the video was provided by a source who claims they may know who’s responsible for the assault. Boston reached out to Keytar Bear to let him know we have video of the incident, but he did not immediately respond. Unfortunately the quality of the video makes it difficult to identify the alleged suspect.

Keytar Bear previously indicated that he wouldn’t let these unprovoked attacks keep him from entertaining his fans. “To the people of Boston, I say this: I love you guys. I know what happened wasn’t right, and I don’t care about going broke for the next few weeks. I’d be wrong to give up on you,” he said.