A Not-So-Nice Day For a Truck In the Park

A semi ended up on the other side of the fence separating the Boston Common from Beacon Hill traffic.

A truck that allegedly lost control while traveling near the State House on Thursday came crashing down the steps and into the Boston Common, before coming to a halt.

Just before noon, the flatbed truck was reportedly driving in the city along Walnut Street, heading to Beacon Street, when it passed through the double-lane of traffic, hopped the curb, and landed in the park area. Boston Police were on scene along with officials from the Fire Department to try and get the vehicle off of the stairway, where it was blocking cars in both directions. The area was roped off and a tow-truck was on standby.

A Police official told Boston additional information about the accident wasn’t immediately available. According to Universal Hub, however, they were worried about the vehicle’s fuel tanks. 

A Boston Fire Department spokesman said the driver was not injured, and was talking with police at the scene. Fire companies were also standing by with a foam unit. Responders had to wait for the saddle tanks, where the truck’s fuel is carried, to be off-loaded before towing the flatbed out of the park.

Of course, bystanders were both startled and shocked by the truck’s appearance on the walkway, and started snapping away with their smartphones. The scene became quite the spectacle for visitors and tourists who frequent the historic part of the city.