Betrayal: The Patriots Hung Out with Justin Bieber

Are we cursed to lose?

Treachery! Betrayal! Perfidy of the most vicious sort!

Such are the reactions around town to the news that members of the New England Patriots cavorted with insidious Canadian princeling Justin Bieber on Monday night. Perhaps you thought the loss on Sunday was the greatest letdown you would endure at the hands of the Pats this week. This, though, why this is duplicity of another breed. Justin Bieber brings more than just obnoxious antics with him. He brings a curse.

His kiss of death came swiftly and unexpectedly last night. The Pats are already in California to prepare for their matchup with the San Diego Chargers next week. So Rob Gronkowski, Shane Vereen, Jonas Gray, Akeem Ayers, and Darius Fleming took in a Clippers game. Afterward, coach Doc Rivers brought them to the locker room where, for whatever reason, the Bieber was laying in wait.

The Boston media market was not pleased. “Things had been going so well, hadn’t they?” moans Indeed, the Curse of the Bieber is a well-documented phenomenon in professional sports. Attracting the support of Justin Bieber usually brings bad things. He’s already destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers, waylaid the Miami Heat, and overthrown the Spanish football team.

Are we next? Who can say, but we’re pretty excited for the inevitable moment when a reporter actually asks Bill Belichick what he knows about the Curse of the Bieber. The streams of liquid fire that explode from his eyes, pouring forth from the depths of his raised hood, will render San Diego a burnt-out wasteland. That’ll be fun.