Women’s Full-contact Football Team Makes Triumphant Return

Go ahead, call it a 'touchdown,' do a victory dance, and celebrate accordingly.

It wasn’t the quickest turnaround in football history, but it’s certainly a victory for the women’s football league.

Just two days after car-mogul Ernie Boch, Jr., the financier of the full-contact women’s football team the Boston Militia, announced that his team would be “discontinued,” officials from the Women’s Football Alliance posted a statement from the squad of female players announcing that they would be returning to the field under a new name and ownership.

“We are not resting. The team is emerging into the 2015 season under new ownership and with a new identity; tryouts are on-going and practices begin next week,” the statement said. “It is an exciting time; things are evolving and progressing quickly. Please stay tuned as many more updates are forthcoming.”

Boch, Jr., who created the Boston Militia seven years ago, abruptly announced the team’s disbandment through a Facebook post on January 5.

As the main funding source for the championship women’s team, he said the decision was made with a heavy heart.

“The limited numbers of teams in the Northeast has resulted in a reduced schedule over the last few years, causing the professional level of competition to decline,” he said.

Players and former employees that worked with the Boston Militia were stunned by the announcement, but the recent news about emerging from the setback with a new look and goal in mind seems to have reignited their passion for the sport.

On Tuesday a spokesperson from the city of Somerville’s recreation department confirmed to Boston that the team was making a changeover, but an official statement about the news didn’t come until two days later.

“The Boston Militia has retired in name only. While we will not be continuing under the same banner, our commitment to excellence and to bringing another Championship Title back to Boston is unwavering,” the team said. “The name will be different but the talent, heart, and dedication which drive this team will not.”