Carefree Hero Tom Brady Prevails as Overachiever at Being Chill

It's the week before the AFC championship, and our quarterback DGAF about the media.

Tom Brady, Ugg-extraordinaire and established chill guy, is on the media’s radar this week before the AFC championship game, and he is succeeding as a carefree hero.

With his compelling nonchalance in tow, Brady went for the minimalistic Facebook post on Monday afternoon with a casual graphic about the way he thinks Sunday’s game will prevail.

The post came up in a press conference held this afternoon, and keeping his status as Very Aloof Guy, Brady was all, “That was just a friendly post, you didn’t like that? You gotta like that.” So chill. And then he dropped an S-bomb. His face just says it all.

“I get pretty edgy. I just think there’s a high level of pressure every week,” Tom Brady said later, which, of course, can’t be true.

But Brady might be taking tips from head coach Bill Belichick, the ultimate champion at over-playing just how much he DGAF about the media. Never forget the Great Microphone Incident of 2014:

See below, photographic evidence that Brady and Belichick are becoming one in the same.

We can confidently confirm that Brady is, in fact, great when it comes to being a casual, carefree person in the spotlight. All hail Tom Brady, overachieving in football and coolness.