Conan Proves Why the Patriots Might Have Deflated Footballs

This explains everything.

While everyone else continues to be immense cry babies about #deflategate, Pats fan Conan O’Brien had some fun with the situation on his show on Tuesday night.

“Big controversy in the NFL this week: the New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts, and after the game some members of the Colts claimed the Patriots had deflated the football to make it easier to catch,” Conan said.

He paused for a moment. “Well, the Patriots deny it. But I think there is some evidence they’ve been using deflated balls for quite a while now.”

The video then cuts to a series of instances when Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are excitedly spiking footballs, but of course have been edited to the balls immediately squishing.

“I think one of those was actually a meatloaf,” sidekick Andy Richter added. You’re so right, Andy.

While it’s very clear that how you feel about deflategate depends on how much you hate the Patriots, our fair team will be going to the Super Bowl, and the Colts will be maintaining the compression status of their footballs—from their couches at home in Indianapolis.