There’s a Yeti on the Loose in Boston

OK, not really. It's just a bored person in a costume trying to make the best of the blizzard-like conditions.

Image via BostonYeti 2015 on Twitter

Image via BostonYeti 2015 on Twitter

Officials from the Animal Rescue League may have successfully captured the Lowell Goat, but there’s another wild creature afoot, and he’s roaming the streets with reckless abandon: the “Boston Yeti.”

Long thought to be nothing more than the mythical ancestor of the ape, living in solitary in the Himalayas, the elusive abominable snowman, with his white-colored fur shielding him from the elements, was spotted in Somerville late Monday night as the blizzard blanketed the region with the first few inches of powdery snow.

As the driving ban took effect at midnight and cars disappeared from the roads to make way for emergency vehicles, the so-called “Boston Yeti” had no problem casually climbing out of his hiding place and through the mounds of snow whipped up by the wind, striding along McGrath Highway and into nearby neighborhoods.

What does the Yeti want? At this point, it’s unclear, but it seems as though he’s pushing for people to stay safe during the “potentially historic” snowstorm as he searches for “Cambridge pastries.”

He’s also to blame for schools being closed, he claims: