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Overhead view of four people standing on snow wearing modern, lightweight snowshoes

Where To Try Snowshoeing in New England

Around 4000 B.C., cold-climate dwellers in Central Asia hatched the ingenious idea of strapping broad cuts of wood to their boots, allowing them to walk […]


A Traveler’s Guide to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

While it might be tempting to stay cuddled up indoors for the next eight to 10 weeks, Colorado’s Steamboat Springs has some other options for […]

City Life

A Taxonomy of Boston Space Savers after the Blizzard of 2022

Space saver season is back, baby! After this weekend’s historic blizzard, the streets of Boston are once again awash in beach chairs, coolers, busted durable […]

City Life

Finally! Some Cold and Snow Is on the Way to Boston, Folks

What type of winter would it be here in this beautiful, temperamental climate of ours if we didn’t get absolutely walloped by chilly precipitation from […]

child enjoying snow
Arts & Entertainment

How to Have the Best Snow Day in Boston

It’s that time again: Your weather app’s forecast is filled with snow icons, the bread and milk aisles are bare at the local Market Basket, […]


Five Scenic Winter Walks That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re in a Boston-Themed Snow Globe

No matter what you may say, it is always a good day when it snows in Boston. The city looks pretty darn good when it’s […]

City Life

Some Real Snow Is Coming to Boston on Wednesday

It’s really happening: As we lurch into winter, the Boston area is bracing for its first good snow storm of the season on Wednesday, which […]

City Life

The Latest on the Nor’Easter Headed Toward Boston This Weekend

All was calm and quiet, and relatively warm, on Friday afternoon in Boston. But it won’t stay that way for long. Forecasters say a nor’easter […]

City Life

How Boston Could Save Winter by Finally Doing Something Fun with Its Streets

A pop-up movie theater on a side street in Harlem. A touch-less obstacle course for kids in the Bronx. A five-week-long stationary parade in Chicago. […]

City Life

The Latest October Surprise: Snow Is on the Way in Boston

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Halloween. Boston’s snowy season is getting off to a bit of an early start this year, as forecasters say […]

Home & Property

The Best Neighborhoods around Boston to Explore in the Snow

When a nor’easter hits the city, it’s easy to grumble about the woes of commuting delays, snow shoveling, and slush-soaked shoes. But it’s not all […]


The Ultimate Guide to Snowy Adventures in New England

Where to Hit the Slopes Ready to ride? Find the New England resort that suits your skiing style. FOR THE… Vail Expat Spruce Peak, Vermont […]

A snowy street lined with brick buildings
City Life

Two Snow Storms Are Headed for Boston This Weekend

On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil sparked hope in New Englanders sick of cold and gray days with his promise of early spring. But serves us […]

City Life

Snow, Sleet Are Coming to Boston on Tuesday and It’s Gonna Be “Gross”

Now that we’re really in the thick of winter, we can handle a little bit of snow, right? Maybe you’ve even been hoping to see a flake […]

City Life

The Latest on How This Weekend’s Snow Storm Will Hit Boston

It’s happening. Boston is bracing for its first major snow storm this week, set to arrive on Saturday and continue into Sunday. While some of […]