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Madeline Bilis


Madeline Bilis was an associate editor at Boston magazine. She studied journalism at Emerson College and grew up in an exciting town outside of Worcester.


Cold Enough for You?

41 adventures to try before you freeze your *** off.

City Life

Found Art: This Land Is Your Land

Julia S. Powell’s dreamy, nature-inspired works exist in a place only the viewer knows.

Arts & Entertainment

There’s Beauty in Them Thar Blue Hills

Consider this your complete guide to getting lost and finding yourself in the largest park just outside of town.

treehouse 7

Cool Tree Houses You Can Vacation In throughout New England

Take time off among the timber.

Home & Property

New England Made: The Magic Touch

Metalworker Erica Moody crafts singular serving pieces from her antique barn in Maine.

cuffy's sweatshirt
City Life

My Cuffy’s Cape Cod Sweatshirt Will Never Die, and Neither Will Yours

An ode to the iconic star of Cape Cod fashion.

Arts & Entertainment

Five Brutalist Buildings to Admire That Aren’t City Hall

There are plenty of examples of the iconic architecture style in the area.

Home & Property

Has COVID Mover’s Remorse Already Set in?

Can’t-miss buying opportunities, coupled with a healthy dose of mover’s remorse, are starting to send people back to Boston again in droves. Better get in now before it’s too late.

east boston madonna statue

Five Under-the-Radar Boston Landmarks You Should Check Out

It’s a good time to take a detour.


Five Scenic Winter Walks That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re in a Boston-Themed Snow Globe

There has to be some upside to all that shoveling.

Arts & Entertainment

57 Things to Do This Winter

Here’s how to stay sane and keep your spirits up, even when the temperature drops down.

Arts & Entertainment

Where to Go to Have Fun in the Snow around Boston

The temperature may have dropped, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of ways to get some fresh air close to home.


The Art of Starting Over

Whether you’re looking to switch careers, end a rocky relationship, or help improve the city, here’s how to make the process a little easier.

woman with moving box
City Life

Quiz: Are You Ready to Make a Move?

Quarantine has made us all reconsider some of our life choices.


Hidden New England

There’s more to this region than meets the eye—you just have to know where to look.