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City Life

The Snow Report: It’s Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo Week! Plus, Sugarloaf’s Lifts Get an Upgade

It’s Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo week! The four day winter sports extravaganza kicks off on Thursday at 3 p.m. when the doors to the […]

City Life

The Snow Report: Lost Valley Sold, Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo

Welcome to the first installment of this season’s edition of Boston magazine’s Snow Report, a weekly column on the New England ski world. Look to […]

City Life

Shirtless Rob Gronkowski and His Abs Star in Nike’s Absurd ‘Snow Day’ Ad

Given Rob Gronkowski’s status as New England’s preeminent man-child, it’s unsurprising Nike chose him as the star of their new ad, titled “Snow Day.” Gronk—shirtless, as […]

City Life

Watch the Great Boston Snow Pile Melt Away

Today is a historic day in Boston: the massive snow pile from last winter is officially gone. Boston announced on Tuesday that the final remnants […]

City Life

City Purchases Two Snowblowers as South Boston Snow Pile Refuses to Melt

Winter’s over, but the nasty mountain of snow and garbage piled high on Tide Street in South Boston is still standing, serving as a reminder to […]

City Life

Rest of the Country Still Fascinated with Boston’s Snow

America’s fascination with our record-setting winter continues, thanks to the continued presence of an ugly ice mountain in Boston’s seaport district. It’s no wonder people are […]

City Life

What Lies Beneath the Snow

Ah, it’s springtime in the city, and there’s nothing like sunshine, mellow breezes, and generous amounts of garbage to remind us of the season’s gentle reawakening. It’s […]

City Life

Lawmaker Says MBTA’s Snow Mistakes Were ‘Kind of Basic’

Given the state of the MBTA this past winter, we have a lot to learn from our peers who run mass transit systems in other cities […]

City Life

Of Course It’s Going to Snow on the First Day of Spring

This year, your periodic reminder that nothing shall ever relieve you from the eternal prison of winter’s ravages is brought to you by…the National Weather Service, […]

City Life

City of Champions: Boston Set a New Snowfall Record

Booyah! With the news that Boston finally set a new snowfall record Sunday night comes confirmation that we are, truly, a city of champions. Sure, this […]

City Life

Nate Silver’s People Think Boston Will Get More Snow This Year

Adherents to the school of Nate Silver during election seasons might not be so anxious to hear his website’s latest prediction. According to Silver’s site, FiveThirtyEight.com, odds are […]


The Effects of Winter Across the Boston Food Industry

The end may be in sight, but the repercussions from this winter’s blizzards and storms are still being battled every day across New England’s food […]

City Life

No One Wanted to Pass the 100 Inches of Snowfall Mark

With Tuesday night’s two inches of snowfall, Boston has surpassed an unpleasant milestone: the city has received over 100 inches of snow this season. That’s […]

City Life

Thank You, New York Times, for the Poetic, Snow-Congested Melodrama

While the city continues to live through this hellish nightmare of snow-induced sadness, a more entertaining aspect is the outsider’s portrayal of what’s really happening here on […]

Arts & Entertainment

Seven Cool Ideas for Snow-Covered Boston

Snow conditions are great at Boston's newest ski hill #snowfarm #BOSnow pic.twitter.com/iP67wkLBV5 — Red Bull Boston (@RedBullBOS) February 20, 2015 No, there’s no actual ski slope […]