Wilfork Jersey Wearer Doesn’t Recognize Vince Wilfork Standing Next to Him

Know your players, folks.

A video posted by Bianca Wilfork (@mrs75) on

Well, this is somewhat of an embarrassing encounter.

A guy wearing a Vince Wilfork jersey was caught in the presence of Wilfork himself—but sadly didn’t know it was him. Wilfork’s wife posted the video of the exchange to her Instagram while on vacation.

“Spotted a person in bahamas with a 75 jersey on in the bahamas had to walk up on them [sic],” she captioned her post. But Wilfork seemed cool about it. After catching this poor man, Wilfork went up and shook the jersey wearer’s hand.

“How you doin’, my man?” Wilfork asked.

He replied, laughing: “Well, it’s almost your size, mate.”

“Yeah, almost my size,” Wilfork agreed with a chuckle.

What a guy.