Luxury Waterfront Condos Will Rise from the Ashes of Anthony’s Pier 4

The iconic culinary outpost will be replaced by glass and steel.

Planned waterfront development on site of Anthony's Pier 4 via Tishman Speyer

Planned waterfront development on site of Anthony’s Pier 4 via Tishman Speyer

A two part mixed-use development with over 500,000 square feet of new space is being proposed for the former site of the iconic Anthony’s Pier 4.

Tishman Speyer is proposing a nine story building with 100 luxury condominiums and a 13-story 373,000 square foot building with office and retail space. Like many of the new Seaport developments, the project includes an underground parking garage. The longer and more open facing design of the project makes it slightly different from the vast collection of glass covered cargo crates that have sprouted in the Seaport.

Part of the project includes a one acre waterfront public park.

Owners of the condos will be treated to wide, uninterrupted vistas of downtown Boston and the harbor. One of the main selling points of the project is how the views will never be obstructed by future development as the pier juts out into the harbor like peninsula.

The Boston Business Journal reported on Wednesday that Tishman Speyer obtained the waterfront parcels in December for $70 million. A $150 million 383 unit residential project for the site was approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2011 but it never materialized.

The longtime owner of Anthony’s Pier 4, Anthony Athanas, died in 2005. The restaurant closed in 2013. At its peak it was the place to go to be seen and have a great meal in Boston. There was a time when it was one of the highest grossing restaurants in the entire country due to its large dining room. The famed restaurant won Best of Boston numerous times during its heyday for its extensive wine list.

For years, Athanas had a vision and plan for the mostly vacant industrial area around the restaurant but it never materialized for a variety of reasons. At one time Athanas, along with the Pritzker family, owned most of the land around the restaurant.

If all goes according to plan for the New York based developers, they will break ground on the project this winter. The project should be fully completed in 2018. The vacant Anthony’s Pier 4 will probably be demolished in the spring.