Bridj to Offer Neurosignal Treatment on Your Commute

You can choose between calm vibes or energy vibes.

Photo provided

Photo provided

Transit startup Bridj is setting out to make your morning commute completely stress-free by inducing some good vibes…with neurosignal treatment.

The Boston-based alternative bus service is partnering with a company called Thync to offer what’s technically referred to as transcranial electrical stimulation. Thync calls them “vibes.”

This week, Bridj riders are free to give vibes a try. They’ll be given a choice between calm or energy, and then, a Thync device is affixed to the head, placing a round, white “Thync module” on the forehead above the right eyebrow.

The module transmits low-energy waveforms that signal neural pathways, said to kickstart relaxation or boost your energy on demand. “Calm” is described as a very slight pressure, while “energy” emits a constant vibration or tingling.

Taking Bridj is the best way to start your day,” A Bridj spokesperson tells Boston magazine. “And a few minutes with Thync’s energizing vibes will make your morning even better.”

Dubbed “The Feel Good Commute,” Thync representatives will be on board Bridj buses for certain trips on Wednesday, September 30, through Friday, October 2. Schedules are available at