Take Boston Magazine’s Sex Survey

How's the sex in Boston? You tell us in our first-ever sex survey—we'll publish the results in an upcoming issue.

Boston may have a reputation for its Puritan values and Protestant work ethic, but in the modern era, we’ve made national headlines for being progressive when it comes to sex. We were the first state in the nation to recognize gay marriage, and we’ve made it our business not to judge or legislate how or when people do it. Heck, even Mayor Kevin White acknowledged in the 1970s that a little sin never hurt anyone when he designated an area in Boston as the Combat Zone—a place where peep shows and prostitution could thrive without too much policing.

Though the Combat Zone has been cleaned up, Boston developers have produced more than their fair share of dating apps, starting with Facebook (originally launched as a hot-or-not for Harvard kids) and OkCupid. The world is hooking up, in part because of us. And Boston’s enormous young singles population is ready and willing to try out all the latest technology to find a date.

There are plenty of national polls out there about the sexual behaviors of the nation, but what we want to know is how Bostonians are doing it. What are our sexual mores? What turns us on? What gets us off?

To find out, we’ve launched our first ever sex survey. Take five minutes and answer honestly. We won’t know who you are—all entries are anonymous—so you’re free to tell it like it is. We’ll publish the survey results in an upcoming issue of Boston magazine.

OK, ready to do it? Take the sex survey.