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Rachel Slade

Rachel arrived at Boston magazine in 2007, fresh from a career in architecture, to helm its multi-award-winning design quarterly, Boston Home. Since then, she's become a vocal critic of the city's real estate policies and earned a CRMA award in civic journalism for her investigative piece on the Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2014.

Life & Style

Gray Matters

Saying goodbye to dye was the best breakup of my life.

Home & Property

Boston Is Getting Really Expensive

How did we get here?

City Life

Bad Karma

When Karmaloop filed for bankruptcy, everyone wanted to know: How did it all go wrong?

City Life

You Gotta Lay It Down to Pick It Up

With his new restaurant, Strip, bon vivant Nick Varano is taking his fabulous show straight into the heart of Boston.

Home & Property

The Man with the Golden Charm

How developer Steven Samuels transformed the Fenway from a dump into a destination.

Home & Property

The Slade Index

What’s hot and not in Boston home design.

Home & Property

Living Large

Rachel Slade’s Off-Kilter Take on Hub Homes

Home & Property

Crazy Ideas We Love

Latvian designer Boxetti produces a furniture system that solves all your problems, sort of.

Home & Property

18 Amazing High/Low Designs

What’s your favorite More or Less, pulled from five years of Boston Home history?

Home & Property

Lofty Ambition

With a courtyard and acid-etched showers, the Chinatown condo is completely hip.

Home & Property

Battle of the Wall Stickers

Peel-and-stick wall art comes of age.

Home & Property

One Great Room: British Style

How to get that London look.

Home & Property

More or Less: Gothic Style

Finding an affordable option for Boca do Lobo’s sleek Soho line.

Home & Property

One Great Room: Bibliophile Edition

Let your shelves speak volumes.