Bill Belichick’s Death Stare Will Turn You to Stone

'What do you think?'



The old cliché says there’s no such thing as a bad question. But when Bill Belichick takes the podium after a tough Patriots loss, the opposite is true: There’s no such thing as a good one.

The Patriots fell to the Denver Broncos 30-24 in overtime Sunday night, though that may not have been the team’s biggest loss of the evening. Rob Gronkowski was carted off the field late in the fourth quarter after Broncos safety Darian Stewart hit him in the right knee to break up a pass. Though reports indicate the injury isn’t as serious as it looked, it was difficult to not have flashbacks to 2013, when former Browns safety T.J. Ward leveled Gronkowski’s knees and knocked him out of action until the following season (coincidently, Ward now plays on the Broncos).

Following the game Sunday night, a reporter asked Belichick how he felt after seeing Gronkowski leave the field. Belichick responded by burning a hole through his soul.

For those keeping score at home, that was an eight-second stare down from Belichick. It was a capper to The Hoodie’s testiest press conference of the season to date.

Belichick had several reasons to be ornery after Sunday’s contest, and Gronkowski’s injury was just the tip of the iceberg. For the second consecutive week, the Patriots were victims of brutal officiating, most notably suspect pass interference and holding calls that may have cost them the game.

On a crucial third down with 5:16 remaining in regulation, Brady connected with Gronkowski for a 10-yard gain and a first down. But the play was negated after Gronkowski was flagged for offensive pass interference, even though he only barely dipped his left shoulder into Broncos safety David Bruton Jr. while he was running the route. Later in the fourth quarter, safety Patrick Chung was whistled for holding Demaryius Thomas in the end zone, which wiped out Alan Branch’s sack that would’ve pushed Denver back to the 15-yard line. Instead, the Broncos were given a fresh set of downs at the Patriots’ four-yard line, and Brock Osweiler connected with Andre Caldwell in the end zone with 1:09 left to give the Broncos the lead.

Belichick brusquely brushed off inquires about the questionable calls at the podium, telling reporters “the league probably has all of the answers on that.” For the those who speak Belichickian, the message was clear:

Sometimes, the most biting commentary is left unsaid.