There Will Be No Hooters in Dedham

It would've been the fourth in Massachusetts.

Dedham won’t get a Hooters after all.

The town’s Board of Selectmen rejected a proposed liquor license transfer that would have brought the restaurant’s fourth Massachusetts location to Route 1, amidst backlash from residents.

“To allow a business in that has a reputation that proceeds it as theirs does sends a message that we condone their discriminatory hiring practices,” State Rep. Paul McMurtry told the Dedham Transcript in March. “Dedham has a vested interest in protecting its image, its character and its long history which does not include restaurants that promote the exploitation of women to sell food and alcohol.”

Selectman Dennis Teehan said the restaurant—known for its scantly clad waitresses and buffalo wings, maybe?—did not fill a public need, and that the board could not support Hooters’ “inequitable hiring practices based on age and gender,” the Transcript reports.

[h/t Eater]