Small, Ruthless Child in Leprechaun Hat Eliminates Avery Bradley in Knockout


Image via Vine

Image via Vine

Celtics guard Avery Bradley and legend Cedric Maxwell visited Belmont Monday morning to unveil a new neighborhood court, built by the team and Arbella Insurance. Whatever goodwill the new court aroused in the neighborhood children did not last long, however.

A cutthroat game of knockout—anathema of every least-athletic kid at summer camps across this great nation—quickly ensued. The above child didn’t care that Bradley was just coming back from season-ending hamstring injury. All his offensive intangibles didn’t matter. Unfazed was the ruthless youth in the leprechaun hat that Bradley was the Celtics’ second-leading scorer last season.

It was winning time.

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice-cold.

[h/t Brian Robb]