A Blind Munchkin Cat Named ‘Giselle’ Needs Your Help

She's 'the most challenging cat the Jamaica Plain adoption center has ever tried to place.'

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A very small cat with very special needs—who happens to have a name that sounds a lot like a certain local supermodel—is hoping an experienced cat-owner can step up and take her home.

Meet “Giselle,” the feline the MSPCA is calling the “most challenging cat the Jamaica Plain adoption center has ever tried to place.”

She’s completely blind, has joint and nerve pain, and her fur was so matted when she arrived in the agency’s care that much of it needed to be shaved. She is also currently being treated for a lung infection, and has had to have oxygen administered through a cat-friendly mask. A prior owner, who was “overwhelmed” by her many needs,  brought her to the center last month, says spokesman Rob Halpin.

“Giselle” is also a Munchkin cat, a breed characterized by a tiny body and stubby legs. She weighs about two-and-a-half pounds, and is almost small enough to fit in one hand. Her stature, and the fact that she can’t see, mean she has to be kept away from stairs.

But despite her many ailments, the MSPCA says “Giselle” is friendly, and loves spending time with other animals. She’d make a great addition to a family with other pets, the agency says, as long as her new owners are willing to keep up with her regimen of medications and keep a watchful eye on her.

“There’s so much about this cat that is so compelling, despite her significant health issues, which we hopefully can control through medication and lifestyle,” says Alyssa Krieger, the Jamaica Plain adoption center’s manager, in a statement.“We’re just so hopeful that her story motivates that special adopter who wants nothing more than to safeguard a cat most would view as ‘broken,’ and who will reciprocate with unconditional love and years of companionship.”

Are you up to the task? Let them know by sending an email to adoption@mspca.org and setting up a time to meet “Giselle” in person.

Want to keep track of her story? She now has her own Instagram feed, @realstumpycat, which staff at the MSPCA set up as part of its campaign to get her into a loving home.

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