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Do Squirrels, Wild Turkeys and—Gulp—Coyotes Officially Own Greater Boston Now?

Unlike the herd of wild mountain goats, which clearly took advantage of the pandemic-induced quiet this week to graze on lawns and shrubs in a […]

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Someone Found a Headless Goat on the Street in Hyde Park

A Boston cleanup crew was dispatched to Hyde Park Monday morning after a woman made a grisly discovery on the street: a headless goat. The […]

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There’s a 6-8 Foot Burmese Python on the Loose in Newton

A Burmese python has flown the coop in Newton, and now police are urging residents to be cautious, and keep their eyes peeled. The department […]

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Meet the New England Aquarium’s Newest Star, Sea-Cat

A new penguin chick has made his formal debut at the New England Aquarium, and he’s ruffling some feathers. The penguin’s name is Sea-cat (a […]

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A Bear Tried to Hop in a Rhode Island Woman’s Car

A Rhode Island woman got a friendly carside visit from a black bear Tuesday. Yes, she’s safe. And yes, she managed to take a picture. […]

golden retrievers
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Tewksbury Golden Retrievers Get Police Escort for Easter Stroll

After a generous helping of Easter ham and a steady stream of pastel jelly beans from an all-too-convenient egg-shaped dish, it’s a good idea to […]

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Here’s a Seagull Swallowing a Rat Whole in the North End

Sorry, Marty Walsh. Move aside, Patriots. Get in line, Mark Wahlberg. Boston clearly only has one true king—and it’s disgusting. A seagull absolutely demolished a […]

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A Cat in Brookline Survived a Nine-Story Fall

A family in Brookline is both relieved and shocked after their cat survived a nine-story fall from their apartment building this fall. After more than […]

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A Peacock Found Wandering Around Cape Cod Is up for Adoption

It’s not clear how it got there, but a peacock recently found roaming Cape Cod is now up for adoption after the colorful bird was brought […]

Ron the sea lion pup
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Ron the Sea Lion Pup Has Turned One

We’re not sure about the rest of you, but we here at Boston are big fans of Ron the sea lion pup, one of the […]

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A “1-in-30 Million” Orange Lobster Will Be Donated to the Aquarium

An incredibly rare orange lobster will be spared the fate of becoming dinner and will be donated to the New England Aquarium after it was […]

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Massachusetts Wants Your Help Counting Turkeys

As you have probably noticed, the turkeys are everywhere. They’ve been seen strolling through Beacon Hill, hanging out in Brookline, and they’ve been known every […]

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A Woman in Saugus Had to Climb a Tree to Escape Coyotes

So an absolute nightmare scenario played out in Saugus on Tuesday, when a woman told police she was forced to climb a tree to avoid […]

bird boston
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Taking Flight with Boston’s Millennial Birders

It’s a damp, gray morning in Cambridge’s Mount Auburn cemetery, and 34-year-old Evan Crockett is standing still among the tombstones. Every few minutes, he peers […]

Three dogs run through the grass
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A Guide to Off-Leash Dog Parks in the Boston Area

From the Fens to the Esplanade and everywhere in between, Boston is chock-full of great paths for dog walkers—leash required. But sometimes, even city pups […]